Oh my, someone spent $54 at Smith's/Kroger today, and that someone was me. I forgot that buying the staples for any diet plan is always super expensive in the beginning. Some of the stuff is useful for the remainder of the month, some things I will need to replenish for next week. So here's what I bought:

- one pound of sliced turkey breast
- whipped Philly cream cheese (love this stuff, it's so spreadable!)
- 8 oz of shredded cheese
- 2 bags of baby greens mix
- container of heavy cream
- butter
- 2 bags of sliced mushrooms
- 2 bags of green and yellow beans
- powdered iced tea mix
- mayonnaise
- mustard
- 8 cans of tuna
- chewing gum (I don't often chew but it's helpful in case of breathy emergencies)
- fabric softener (yup)

So that's that. I went out to eat lunch at IHOP with my brother and his girlfriend and had the most amazing omelet in the world. The Colorado omelet! Try one! According to the internet, the omelet has 5 carbs for the whole thing, but I asked that they not include any pancake batter with the eggs, as they usually do. I'm still counting it as 5 carbohydrates, however. Just in case. I also had three very delicious and refreshing unsweetened iced teas. This weather is HOT!

After grocery shopping, I had a serving of green and yellow beans as well as three mini-rollups made of turkey and a little bit of Philadelphia cream cheese. Yum. I'm drinking iced tea from powder right now and it is hitting the spot. Right now I'm watching an independent film called "Tart" on Netflix on-demand. Probably something I would have liked as a teenager, not something that's totally awesome, but I want to stay in my dark little room with the blinds shut and the oscillating fan on high, so that's that.
Here we go, y'all: First weigh-in, on AD for 4 days.

172.8 lbs
25.1 BMI
Loss: 3.2 lbs


I made a shopping list last night for the next week or so. During days that I have both work and school, I'll probably have an omelet for breakfast, a spinach and iceberg salad for lunch with tuna, and some sauteed veggies with tuna/mayo for lunch. I am probably going to get so tired of tuna, but it's the only thing I can think of that travels well. I also have some snack ideas (canned pumpkin with Splenda and a little cream cheese, or turkey and cream cheese roll ups, that sort of thing).

The weather was warmmm today; extremely warm, considering we had snow as recently as two weeks ago. It's June now, so hopefully the snow has gone for good! Or at least for another six months. We can hope.

Today, foodwise, was wonderful. I skipped breakfast, having slept late, but for lunch before work I grabbed a spinach-and-iceberg salad from Subway with green peppers, olives, chicken breast chunks, and mayo and mustard as dressing. Delicious, and probably my favorite type of salad, ever. Probably because I don't have to make it myself.

I had plans after work to see a movie with my good friend, recently back from a year and a half spent in Italy, so beforehand we met at Red Lobster for a quick dinner. I ordered the flounder with broccoli because it comes with a little Caesar salad beforehand. The flounder is AMAZING, and the plate was completely full of delicious fish. I paired it with three unsweetened iced teas. Scrumptious.

I've been super naughty lately, as far as eating out goes. I can't really justify constantly eating at restaurants, but dammit, I can't be bothered to cook for myself lately. I just don't feel like it. Fortunately (and unfortunately) my LSAT prep course begins next Monday, so I'll be away from home and reliable transportation for nine hours a day. This means that I need to hit the grocery store tomorrow and pick up some items that aren't too perishable that I can bring with me. I'm brown baggin' it this summer, I guess. It's definitely cheaper though, so no complaints here.

Off to Google-search on-the-go low carbohydrate snacks and meal ideas. Post links if you have any good ones! Tomorrow morning is my first post-preliminary weigh-in. I don't expect fantastic results but I've already seen results, so I'm not too worried. I'm probably going to measure inches every two weeks, since a week is not enough time to really determine inch-loss, in my book. Until next time!
Someone was a bad girl today. Someone started off well-meaning and determined and kind of messed up a little towards the end.

Breakfast and lunch went well. Had a two-egg scramble with onion flakes for breakfast. Lunch was a chicken fajita omelet at IHOP (without the added pancake batter).

Dinner was, I guess, not TOO bad. For an early snack I had about 6 ounces of clam chowder, which I'm sure included flour as a thickening base as well as a couple of potato chunks. Still not horrible, but definitely not induction-friendly.

I wasn't interested in anything at work so I stopped at Beto's Mexican Restaurant's drive-thru and bought a delicious carnitas burrito (shredded pork, guacamole, cheese and cilantro) for dinner. The worst part is that these delicious ingredients are encased in the world's best tortillas. Needless to say, while I ate the innards with a fork, I snacked a little bit on the tortilla.

I guess, all in all, it wasn't a horrible eating day, although there was a cheat during dinner, but I definitely feel a little bloated from carbohydrates. I'd still say my total carbohydrate intake for the day was under 50, but considering that 50 is probably my ideal ACE, I'm not betting on a fantastic weigh-in this Sunday. We'll see - I still have another day to eat induction-friendly foods, but this Sunday will definitely not be an accurate reflection of a 100% committed induction period. Learn from my mistakes, friends. If you want good numbers, don't waver in the face of clam chowder and amazing tortillas!

Tomorrow it should be relatively easy to stay on-track. I work from 1-5pm so I'll grab a bite to eat beforehand, and afterward I have a movie date with a friend. There will be no problems avoiding buttery popcorn (because I'm skilled like that), but figuring out what to eat between 5:30 and 6:30 pm while fitting in a trip to the grocery store will be a little bit of a hassle. I'll figure something else out, now that I've realized that my willpower in the face of a burrito shell is nonexistent.

I am now going to fall asleep next to my furry pup and dream about what to eat tomorrow. I always do.
For those of you who are fresh out of college like me and have never really had to cook your own meals because Ramen noodles and spoons with peanut butter on them were far simpler with a chaotic work load, let me tell you this: cooking your own filet of fish in butter is a beastly chore. My poor old chunk of Pollock (which was delicious, by the way) looked like scrambled eggs by the time I finished cooking it. I guess I'll gradually get skilled at this business. Also, I don't know if it's years of food-pyramid conditioning or what, but I'm having a hard time believing that someone can lose weight by eating a chunk of fish that was pan-fried in butter. It's like a guilty pleasure, yet healthy and low-carb at the same time. I guess I can't believe I'm in the induction phase of an eating plan and actually ENJOYING what I'm putting into my mouth.

That said, in addition to my scrambled fish, I finished off the remnants of last night's crouton-free Caesar salad and the leftover steamed broccoli and cauliflower with an ounce of cheese melted on top. Yum.
I measured myself this morning in order to get accurate "before" measurements. I should probably take some photos later - ones that won't be revealed until I have a decent progress photo to accompany them. I'm excited to start Atkins! Actually, I started yesterday - got all my induction veggies in (Caesar salad, steamed broccoli, steamed cauliflower) as well as a couple of protein servings (halibut and half of a steak). I also had some mushrooms cooked in butter, which is probably my favorite thing to eat in the entire world.

For breakfast today I had 2 scrambled eggs with onion flakes and an ounce of shredded cheese, as well as a single serving of smoked salmon. I'm beginning to realize that eating fish for breakfast is not a good idea because, though I've brushed my teeth, I still have fishy burps. Too much information, probably, but maybe next time I'll stick to breakfasty meat instead of fish.

I purchased a bag of frozen Pollock steaks (since fresh fish is so expensive!) for a reasonable price last night, so I'm looking forward to a chunk of Pollock with steamed or sauteed veggies for dinner tonight after work.

Anyway, here are the dreaded measurements:

height: 5'9.5"
weight: 176
bmi: 25.6

bust: 43.5"
waist: 35"
hips: 40"

I'm planning to post my updated weight and measurements every Sunday, so expect some progress information on Sunday. I'm going to do my best to update this every day with my food/carbohydrate intake, as well as any exercise I do or life updates that occur. If you like what you see here and want to add me as a friend or follow my journal, add me as a friend! Also, I'd love to follow some other weight loss/fitness journals so if you're currently a fitness/health blogger, send me a link!

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