Jun. 12th, 2010


Jun. 12th, 2010 04:09 pm
I had really great results (I don't even want to admit it ... I was down to 168.6) until I weighed myself today. Ick. We went to Golden Corral yesterday for lunch and I wound up eating stuff that I *THOUGHT* was low-carb that actually ISN'T. Major fail. So now I know better for next time. I also cheated a little and had two sugar-free Red Bull mixed drinks (one with gin, one with vodka). They were yummy, but definitely not worth the weight gain I saw today. I'm hoping they didn't impact my weight as much as the buffet faux-pas did, because I'm going to Vegas in two weeks and I definitely plan on having a few glasses of wine here and there!

Anyway, I'm definitely bummed. No change in inches yet. My weight won't be spectacular tomorrow but it will be less than 176 for sure, so that's at least the GOOD NEWS.

More later!



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I'm a recent college graduate, working three jobs, still attending classes for a second degree, and currently enrolled in a grueling LSAT prep course. I was born and raised in the Rocky Mountain area of the United States, and I live here with my family and 85-pound dog-ter.

I've always been kind of up-and-down with my weight: my lowest weight of all time was around 148 pounds, but didn't stay there for long. My highest weight in my entire life was 190 pounds, but I've been in the 170s for quite some time now.

Aside from being a motivating tool to garner results, this blog is an attempt to prove that even as a busy girl with three jobs, school, and a dog, I can find the time and motivation to make the Atkins lifestyle work for me.

My starting weight on 6/3/2010 was 176 lbs. My goal is 144.

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